Our classes are held in two locations:

Burton Joyce Village Hall, Trent Lane, Burton Joyce, Nottingham NG14 5EY on Tuesdays.


Canine Academy, Tollerton Lane, Tollerton, Nottingham NG12 4GB on Thursdays

All our classes use only kind, effective methods of training, scientifically proven to produce good, reliable results in an enjoyable way, for both the dog and the owners. No harsh handling is used or allowed. All the family is welcome to come along.

We have Puppy School, a course of 6 weeks, specially for puppies under 20 weeks at the start of the course. We aim to give you the information and techniques needed to settle your new puppy into their family home and start the training that will last them a life time.

We run Mixed Ability classes for all ages and breeds of dogs, either as a follow-on to Puppy School or for those that are starting their training at a later stage of their dog’s life. We cover all the basics needed to ensure your dog is welcome wherever you go and leads a fulfilling life with you and your family.

We have an Advanced class, for dogs and their owners who have covered the basics, reached a certain standard and want to take the training further whilst enjoying a fun, social evening with like minded people.