Draig Dog Training is an independent training school, run by Julie and David Wassell, welcoming all dogs and owners. Whether you just want a well behaved family pet or you are a dog fanatic and want to enter competitions.

We have both been training for many years. When we started everyone did the old fashioned, harsh, jerk of the lead type training but as the years have gone by we have learnt there is a gentler, kinder way of training that produces better results. This is what we now practice in all our classes resulting in happy dogs and owners, enjoying a positive and lasting relationship.

Julie Wassell

(Specialising in early basic training and behaviour problems)

Through my Border Collie, Meg, I first experienced behaviour problems, the hard way, and I tried all I could to solve them. Consequently since getting her, in 1995, I have attended numerous seminars, conferences and courses trying to learn what makes a dog tick. This process will never be finished and I am still studying.

I think the best way to prevent behaviour problems arising is to start educating our dogs at the earliest possible age and so I run Puppy School classes for young puppies and then build on this early training, progressing through the Good Citizen Dog Scheme to Gold level and competition work, for anyone who wants to continue.

I am proud to have been accepted by the Animal Behaviour and Training Council as a Registered Animal Training Instructor.

David Wassell

(Specialising in advanced competition based training)

I too enjoyed the company of dogs throughout my childhood and started actually training dogs when Julie and I had our first dog together in 1983, a Golden Retriever called Sally.

Over the years I have trained several dogs, one of which my daughter qualified for the Young Kennel Club class at Crufts, that was Rex.

I teach and take part in Competitive Obedience and have been lucky enough to also go to Crufts myself. In 2007, with my Golden Retriever Jake, we went to take part in the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Puppy Foundation Award display team. Then in 2011 again with Jake we went as part of the Midland Team to compete in the Inter-Regional Obedience Competition, and the team won that year! Unfortunately we lost Jake, due to illness, shortly after that and I started training another Golden Retriever, Toby. Toby and I also went to Crufts as part of the Midland Team and I hope to repeat that again with my new dog Geordi.

In 2011 I became a Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Examiner, on the A1 list, for all levels of the award scheme.

In 2014 I became a Director of Darwin Dogs CIC, along with Julie and another lady. We aim to use dogs to help people with mental health problems to have a better, more independent life.

I take the Advanced Class at Tollerton on a Thursday, assist in any of the other classes when I can, and help with individual problems when needed.

Anne Wassell

Assistant trainer

I have lived with dogs all my life and have been training them since I could talk. I have competed at many Obedience Shows, and qualified for the Young Kennel Club Obedience Competition held at Crufts. I am now an assistant trainer in many of the classes.